Electro Plating

In the electroplating process used by Ace Powder Coating, both the part to receive the coating {the cathode} and the part applying the coating {the anode} are submerged in an electrolyte solution containing dissolved ions or metal salts, filtered and heated to a precise temperature and PH.  The anode and cathode are connected to an external power source called Rectifier, providing a direct electrical current, resulting in the transfer of the coating solution to the metal part or surface.

Electroplating is used to change the desired surface properties of a metal  such as abrasion or wear resistance, lubricity, corrosion resistance to a metal surface for best performance. Ace Powder Coating has the ability to apply the electroplating process to large objects and surfaces of different substrates.

The plating process generates wastewater, which is then treated in our state of the art treatment system, where heavy metals are precipitated and removed from the water for proper disposal, upon manifest to local environmental authorities. Clean water is PH treated before monitored disposal. System is monitored and recorded throughout the process to assure environmental safety.